Top 5 Cooking Trends

Do you notice in your dining experiences how often you find yourself with menu déjà vu?  Menus change according to the trends of the day, not dissimilar to the fashion industry.  This is by no means a bad or undesirable thing, as without change we would still be eating 80’s prawn cocktails … oh wait a minute … I think the prawn cocktail has made a reappearance masquerading as a deconstruction!

Cooking trends are fascinating and unlike fashion, on the balance, our food is on a constant improve.  So where are we headed?  According to the American Culinary Federation 2014 Culinary Forecast  the top 5 food preparation trends are pickling, fermenting, smoking, sous vide and liquid nitrogen chilling/freezing.

Keep your eye out and see if you can spot these emerging trends in our Australian restaurants.