Smokin’ Champagne Cocktail



1 Mint Leaf finely sliced

1 Diced fresh Strawberry

2 tsp Strawberry Liqueur


Maple or Cherry wood chips for smoking



Combine mint, fresh strawberry and strawberry liqueur in a bowl.

Cover bowl with cling wrap leaving an opening for the smoking gun hose.

Using either Maple or Cherry wood chips, use the smoking gun to direct smoke into the covered bowl for a few seconds.

Leave for one minute.

Place strawberry mixture in a champagne glass.

Top with champagne.



The smokiness of the drink is determined by the length of time the strawberries are exposed to the smoke as well as the amount of smoke placed in the bowl.

For a subtle smoke flavour, minimise the strawberries exposure to the smoke.

For a little extra theatre, finish off the drink with some smoke on top.


Image by Sous Vide Australia