Sous Vide Recipe Book Pack


Three beautiful titles that include techniques, tips and over 250 scrumptious recipes.  Master sous vide in your kitchen!


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At Home with Sous Vide:  An easy to read step-by-step cookbook that celebrates the gentle art of sous vide or low temperature cooking.  Whether you are a sous vide beginner or an experienced convert looking for a challenge, At Home with Sous Vide will walk you through this amazing new style of cooking bringing the technique out of the restaurant world and into your home.  Australia’s first comprehensive Sous Vide cookbook provides 74 easy-to-follow recipes, including 37 dishes from some of the world’s most renowned chefs, restaurants and sous vide enthusiasts, each recipe is beautifully photographed and broken down into step-by-step components.


Sous Vide The Chef’s Choice:  Allows readers the opportunity to see how sous vide is used in professional kitchens.  The book takes you step by step through some of the recipes from the featured chef’s own collections and gives a unique insight into how they incorporate sous vide into their own dishes. With recipes including salads and desserts you will see how considered use of the sous vide technique can enhance dishes and how when combined with other techniques you can elevate a dish to perfection. No longer perceived as just a technique for fine dining our chefs are using the precision and consistency of sous vide to create amongst other things perfect salads, simple suppers, show stopping desserts and tasty street food style dishes.


Sous Vide – The Art of Precision Cooking:  The very first British recipe book concentrating exclusively on this remarkable culinary technique. The book features more than a hundred mouth-watering recipes for all types of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables; as well as providing insights into curing and smoking techniques, and even sauces, yoghurt and ice cream bases. Each recipe focuses on a core ingredient such as fish, meat, or vegetables; and provides ideal cooking times and temperatures needed to achieve a perfect result. Top tips and serving suggestions from leading chefs are also included

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