Sous Vide thermometer kit

$385.00 $250.00

  • The Sous Vide Thermometer Kits include:- Therma 1 thermometer with type “T” input- 2 Probes type “T”- Tub of 70 probe wipes- Sous Vide tape- ABS carry case (blue in colour)


Instantly measure internal Sous Vide temperature

Safe food. Fast cooking. No guessing.

Easily measure internal temperature when cooking Sous Vide with the Pro-Series Sous Vide Australia Thermometer, Needle Probes and foam tape kit

  • Ensure food is safe: to reduce the levels of bacteria, you need to hold the food in the bath until it reaches the target temperature.
  • Fast Cooking / No time guessing: if pasteurization is not needed, you can serve the food as soon as it reaches the internal target temperature.
  • Perfect cooking of delicate meats: remove meats from the water bath as soon as the right internal temperature is reached. This prevents mushy meat.
  • Faster Sous Vide using bath set hotter than target temperature: set the water bath 2 °C higher and remove the food from the bath right away before it reaches the target temperature.

Reheating foods to serving temperature: when using cook-chill sous vide, serve the food as soon as it reaches internal serving temperature.