Oliso SmartHub®+Vacuum Sealer Package

$1,064.90 $950.00

The SmartHub™ is the perfect place to begin your Sous Vide journey. Paired with the Oliso PRO – VS95A Starter Kit and book ‘At Home with Sous Vide’ by Dale Prentice, this team of products becomes the most informative, efficient and eco-friendly sous vide package for home on the market.


This pairing of the Oliso SmartHub™ and the Oliso PRO – VS95A Starter Kit, is the most efficient and eco-friendly sous vide package on the market. And, both products hold the appropriate Australian Electrical Standards.

The SmartHub™ is a powerful induction burner that can instantly give you the capabilities of a kitchen range. Sous Vide, Searing, Poaching, Soups and Stocks, Steaming, Dough Proofing, Ice-cream making, Yoghurt and Cheese making, Infusing, Sprouting, Brewing and Sauce Warming.

A complete closed system — The low temperature Precision SmartTop™ can be used to sous vide in water or other liquids and since it’s cordless, it’s easy to clean.

Versatility in one square foot — Try it for culturing yogurt, making infusions, delicate broths, slow-cooking, or even cooking a whole chicken.

Energy efficient + fast — The powerful induction hub quickly gets a pan up to searing temperature, which allows you to put a perfect sear on your food.

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ contains a commercial-power dual motor system for the best vacuum sealer results. Its revolutionary system uses patented dual-seal Freshkeeper® technology to maximize the freshness of your food storage.  Unlike standard vacuum sealers, ours does not require you to cut and make your own bags, but instead uses zip-top bags that can be vacuumed again and again. Instead of vacuuming and sealing an entire side of the bag, the Oliso unit makes a small incision, pulls the air out, and then seals around the incision. Since the incision has a very small surface area, our vacuum sealer performs much better with liquids than competitor units that seal an entire side. In addition, its compact size makes it easy to store and automatic bag detection make it a breeze to use. It won the Madrid Fusion award, a prestigious culinary award presented to Oliso in January 2011.

Package contains:

  • 1 Oliso SmartHub
  • 1 VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer
  • 3 Medium Vac-snap bags
  • 2 large Vac-snap bags
  • Flexi Tube + Zip Disc
  • Wine+olive oil Freshkeeper
  • At Home with Sous Vide by Dale Prentice

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