Oliso Smart Hub


The Oliso SmartHub™ is the only sous vide waterbath that uses a powerful induction burner to heat and hold accurate temperatures.  This dual system Hub is a complete unit giving you the capabilities of a kitchen range.


Precision and versatility, the perfect pairing.

The SmartHub™ is a powerful induction burner that can plug into any power outlet and instantly give you the capabilities of a kitchen range. Sous Vide, Searing, Poaching, Soups and Stocks, Steaming, Dough Proofing, Ice-cream making, Yoghurt and Cheese making, Infusing, Spouting, Brewing and Sauce Warming.
What makes it revolutionary is the gold plated contact module that allows various SmartTops™ to dock with the SmartHub™ so that the two recognize each other and communicate seamlessly all without the need for batteries or recharging.
When we first started cooking sous vide we very quickly found ourselves reluctant to go through all the necessary steps when using a circulator. For some in our office, the idea of an open pot of hot water with their kids around wasn’t practical.

Why SmartHub™ ?

A complete closed system — The low temperature Precision SmartTop™ can be used to sous vide in water or other liquids and since it’s cordless, it’s easy to clean.

Versatility in one square foot — Try it for culturing yogurt, making infusions, delicate broths, slow-cooking, or even cooking a whole chicken.

Energy efficient + fast — The powerful induction hub quickly gets a pan up to searing temperature, which allows you to put a perfect sear on your food.

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