Oliso SmartHub – Now Available

February 2018

Introducing the Oliso SmartHub – the first cooking appliance of its kind in Australia. Harnessing the power and efficiency of induction technology, Oliso’s SmartHub™ is an induction cooker which, when paired with the SmartTop™, can control water temperature to within 0.1º C.

The smartest, most versatile and most reliable induction sous vide machine available.

A powerful and efficient induction cooktop, Oliso’s SmartHub™ can be used alone with any induction-friendly pot or pan. It’s capable of delivering up to 1500 watts for extremely fast heating up to 290°C, and can also maintain consistent temperatures. This versatility and precision affords you total control in the kitchen, whatever your recipe.

Oliso’s SmartTop™ is a low temperature pot that can not only cook perfect sous vide ribs, but also make miso broth, brew beer, poach whole chickens, and so much more! In short, the SmartHub™ is a versatile, precision cooking tool that needs no more than an outlet, some counter space, and your culinary creativity!

The SmartHub™ continually monitors the SmartTop™ and the cooking environment to precisely adjust the heat level to reach and maintain your desired temperature, perfect for sous vide cooking!

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Oliso fun fact:

The SmartHub is the only sous vide unit that can brown your steak as well as cook it perfectly, all the way through. It can be used as an induction cooktop just like other conventional models – works with any induction-ready pan!