October Newsletter 2018

October 2018

Welcome to the October Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

This month we want you to feel the warmth in the air and let yourself enjoy the festivities that Spring brings. From Oktoberfest to the many smaller community music, cultural and food festivals, Spring is the time to get out and soak up the atmosphere.

Of course, the food we enjoy at each festival or celebration is central to our experience and helps to create and adopt the traditions we move forward with for years to come. It becomes special to have that one champagne breakfast on Melbourne Cup morning, or those perfect zucchini muffins in the park, not to mention the tasty food delights available at the many cultural festivals around the nation.

Whatever the celebration, it’s time to get out, breath the fresh air and enjoy everything that Spring has to offer.

In this issue:

We love to Celebrate – Food Traditions around the World

Product Highlight – Get the Control Freak at a Special Price

Toffee Apples – Simplicity at its best

Tip of the Month – Take your toffee time


Food is such an important part of any celebration around the world. When you think about all the upcoming events on the calendar, you might notice that there are very few celebrations or festivals that are not coupled with a closely held foody tradition. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that different countries use food in different ways to celebrate special occasions. Take Christmas for instance, if you are in England you may sit down to a big turkey buffet, in Germany you would snack on gingerbread biscuits and liqueur chocolates, in France you would have black and white pudding and of course in Australia you may throw a few prawns on the BBQ.

Traditions of food and having the occasion to share a meal with someone is truly good for us. It can unite and strengthen our community and provide a sense of belonging.

Halloween is one of those traditions that has become a growing trend in Australia. While it has evolved into a community-based, child-friendly, trick-or-treating extravaganza with pumpkin lanterns lighting up the streets, it’s important to understand the history of the celebration.

So what are the traditional foods of Halloween? Well, here are a few ideas of what people are planning to make, eat and share in other countries this October 31st…



Now Comes with Special Price – Limited Time Only!

For those of you who haven’t seen the Control Freak – it’s the ultimate tabletop technology every home cook or chef should have in the kitchen. The vague settings of low, medium and high just won’t cut it anymore. With the Control Freak, you can accurately measure, set and hold every cooking temperature from 30 – 250 degrees Celsius.

What this means is that whilst you can use it for your everyday traditional cooking tasks, you can also relax with confidence when performing those more tricky undertakings such as chocolate work, custards and hollandaise, toffees, sous vide, oil poaching, cheese making and yoghurt, and the list goes on. You could even use it like a fryer, not having to fiddle with the heat to keep the temperature where it should be.

But what makes this amazing kitchen appliance so good this month is the special price we have just for you, but for a very limited time only!

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Growing up toffee apples were a simple but rare treat. The balance of sweetness with a slightly tart apple was a true delight. This recipe will not only have you in the good books with the kids, it will also impress with its modern ‘salted’ twist. It is is bound to delight even the most mature of pallets.

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The secret to the perfect toffee crunch is the stuff legends are made of. Rushing a toffee with rapid temperature is a recipe for disaster. Instead, heat butter and sugar gradually until you hit 143°C temperature, and not one degree over it. Slowly getting to that magic number makes a huge difference in how tender, yet crisp, the snap of fantastic toffee will be.