June Newsletter 2018

June 2018

Welcome to the June newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide. We have put a lot of work into compiling our favourite winter recipes, the best chefs advice and leading industry tips which we hope will inspire you for continued success with sous vide cooking.

We also have a massive end of financial year sale which runs until then end of June 2018. So if you are looking to purchase any premium quality sous vide appliance then this is a great time to invest and save. Plus we’re always available if you have any questions or need expert advice about your next sous vide appliance.

In this issue:

  • Food Safety – How to store your favourite winter dish
  • Want to Know How to Achieve Cooking Perfection? – With a Sous Vide Temperature Kit!
  • Recipe of the Month – Meaty sous vide stew
  • It’s That Time of the Year – EOFY Sale
  • Tip of the Month – Infrared thermometers


How to store your favourite winter dish

Summer is the time that we naturally become more aware of the risks with serving food. There is something about food being left out in the heat and lots of egg-based salad dressings that heighten our senses to the risk of food poisoning.

But those warm comfort stews and slow cooked casseroles that we love so much in winter can also be troublesome if we don’t use a little common sense and caution.

It is easy to cook large amounts of slow cooked food and then batch freeze them. Having pre-prepared meals to draw on can be a lifesaver when the week begins to implode. Unfortunately, things can become tricky and potentially dangerous if the cooling down process prior to freezing takes too long. Nasty pathogens that are reduced to safe levels when cooking can re-activate when foods are held at unsafe temperatures.

So what’s the solution? We have the answer right here…



With a Sous Vide Temperature Kit!

It sounds obvious to the point of being insulting to include “don’t burn the heck out of your food” on a list of cooking tips, but too much heat is still probably the most common cooking mistake we see today.

The reason so many novice cooks get fooled by this is that high heat is a great way to make food appear to be cooked. A couple of minutes on high heat will make a piece of chicken look as golden as the one on the cover of a restaurant’s glossy menu. Then you bite into it and realise the inside is still pink and carrying lots of still-living bacteria. Even using an oven at very high temperatures will cook your meat more on the outside than the inside, which is why you see such variances in colour when you carve up that winter roast.

The reality is that there are only a few specific foods that ever require high heat. Lower heat tends to cook food more evenly because the outside of the food is rising in temperature at a rate more consistent with the inside. But even using the vague temperatures of low, medium and high can be troublesome for many cooks.

So how can you cook food that will produce exceptional and consistent results, every time?

I think we all know the answer to this – sous vide cooking of course! Sous vide achieves its results using low temperatures and time. It is vital that the temperature and time mix is right. When you cook the whole of the food gently to the one set temperature, it will reveal a consistent colour the whole way through when you carve it – the way it should be! And you’ll be an instant hit at the dinner party.

To achieve cooking perfection the Sous Vide Temperature Kit has everything you need to make sure your food has reached its targeted safe temperature. Plus you can also be confident to record the temperature of your sous vide meals without spoiling the vacuum seal.

The kit is simple, containing only those items you truly need to use…

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Cold winter nights and warm hearty stews served with crusty bread are the perfect pairing. Who knew meat and three veg could taste so good?!

This recipe basically cooks itself and will warm you right down to the bottom of your soul. All you have to do is chop the ingredients and let the sous vide magic happen…

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InfraRed thermometers only measure surface temperatures.

The only way to measure the true temperature of your sous vide waterbath or the core temperature of food is to use a probe themometer.