June/July Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the July Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

It’s cold outside! Winter has set in and we have just experienced what is normally the coldest week of the year. It’s no wonder we go into hibernation! Let’s face it, there is not a lot enticing us to brave the low temperatures, frost and rain. So why not take advantage of being in our cave and cook up a storm!

Hearty winter soups, pies and stews are on the menu followed by crumbles, puddings and baked stewed fruits. There are no apologies for craving comfort food at this time of year. Our systems want to eat in the cold months because eating makes us warmer. It is not an excuse to eat more, and obviously the higher caloried foods equal smaller portions, but we can still enjoy them none the less.

So take one of those cookbooks off the shelf and turn the pages. Relive an old favourite or discover a new sensation. You won’t regret it!

In this issue:

  • Oliso PRO™ Smart Vacuum Sealer – They have finally arrived. A step above the rest, this affordable home sealer is what you’ve been waiting for!
  • Produce Highlight – Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew – SPUDS!
  • In the Kitchen – Sous Vide Mash
  • Welcome to The Upper Room – Learn the art of sous vide at Australia’s first sous vide kitchen

Oliso PRO™ Smart Vacuum Sealer

The affordable home sealer you’ve been waiting for!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! We’re very excited to announce that the Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer is now on our shelves. Perfectly suited to the home kitchen, it has a huge range of features with an affordable price tag. Easy to clean, simple to use, yet compact enough to easily fit in a drawer.

Using reusable, dishwasher-safe BPA-free bags, this hands-free vacuum sealing system makes it easy to keep foods fresh longer in the fridge or freezer—and it also opens up a world of options for sous vide. Seal dry or wet foods using different detection modes, or use the accessory setting with the nifty bottle stoppers and jar sealers to keep wine or oil fresh. A “stop vacuum” feature even protects fragile items, so you can vacuum-seal almost anything without worry.

The best part is that operating the Oliso Pro is so simple with a no-touch start – just insert a bag and the sealer does the rest. Unlike any other direct vacuum sealer, this unique sealer system draws air from a single small hole rather than the full side of the bag – great for sauces and marinades. If you’re planning to keep food fresh, then the bags can be reused up to 10 times each for the small bags and up to 14 times for the large ones!

For sous vide, the bags should be used only once, especially when cooking meats. But use them up to ten times if you’re using them for storage!

There are two different models on offer. The kitchen model, and what we like to refer to as the camping/4WD model. The kitchen model is a 240V plugged model that easily slips into a draw. The camping model comes in a protective carry case for travelling and includes a 12V adaptor for plugging into the car. A great fishing and camping companion this model is perfect for the great outdoors or the chef on the move.

Both kits include complimentary vacuum bags, a sealer zip-disc, and the starter kit features a Freshkeeper stopper for externally sealing oil and wine bottles.

Head over to our store and get one today!

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SPUDS – The Best Winter Accompaniment

We all have our favourite Spud, but did you know that there are over 4,000 varieties of potato around the world? This makes you wonder why our supermarket shelves seem to have so few varieties? Nevertheless, we cannot complain in Australia as we do have a good range of really beautiful varieties that are readily available. The most difficult question to answer is which potato is best for which style of cooking?

There are definitely some varieties that seem better for boiling and mashing, some better for roasting and some better for frying. Usually the result is linked to the waxiness of the texture and the starch content.

Generally speaking, the waxier potatoes like Dutch Creams, Kipflers and Nicolas make the best salad potatoes as they hold their form and can cope with the added dressing. They are also the best for soups as they don’t fall apart in the liquid. Starchy potatoes like Colibans and King Edwards seem to produce the best light and fluffy roastie because they are absorbent. They soak up the flavours in the pan and then manage to crisp up. And then there are the All-rounders like Desiree, Pontiac and Sebagos that seem to have the balance and can be used for roasting, mashing, baking.

As with all food, by experimenting we find our own personal favourites. We can gain an indication from the experts on which potato is best for which application, but ultimately we need to decide for ourselves. And when you have cottoned on to your families favourite combination of variety and method, you won’t look back.

For our family, we can’t go past the roasted Kipfler… Yum!

In the Kitchen

A Great Mash

Mash is the perfect accompaniment to comfort food on a cold Winter night. One of the old favourites that include a good dollop of mash is corned silverside with carrots. There is something about the combination of pickled meat, smooth mash and the sweet vegetables that really gives this dish balance. No wonder it is still a much loved meal after so many years. Bon appetit!

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Some Exciting News!

A Place to Share knowledge – The Upper Room

We have so often been asked “where can we learn more about sous vide?” Well here is your chance!

Sous Vide Australia are getting very close to opening their new demonstration kitchen – The Upper Room. This has been a huge project all in the name of sharing knowledge with people who want to learn and share with others who have a passion for sous vide and molecular cooking. It is going to be a great space, but they need your help. At the pointy end of the project they are in need of some funds to settle those final pesky expenses that will make the project come to life.

You could help by going to the Pozible campaign and purchasing a Sous Vide or Molecular Gastronomy cooking class. By getting in early you will be both helping the project and securing a place in a class at a discounted price! Buy one for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. There are limited spots available and it’s worth getting in early.

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