Home Sous Vide Blog Begins

Welcome to the Home Sous Vide Blog!

A new thing for me, not having been a blogger in the past, I’m hoping you will be able to join me on this journey.  My aim is to share with you my attempts and endeavours, successes and triumphs, catastrophes and disasters in the kitchen.  Hopefully the latter will be few and far between.

In my early 20’s I used to experiment with food.  I would try new things and sometimes spend whole days preparing a banquet for two.  Now, my life, like many, is a dichotomy.  I am someone who loves and appreciates all there is about great food on the one hand, but live such a time poor existence that spending hours to prepare a meal is rare … or to be truthful non-existent.  My cooking efforts tend to revolve around fresh ingredients, ease of preparation and minimal washing up.  Probably not a bad combination really.  There is nothing that says efficiency should not be achieved in the kitchen.  But I need some inspiration to step up and, whilst remaining efficient, begin to strive not just for good food, but great food in my home.

So this is what I’m going to use my new blogging journey for … inspiration.  I’m on a mission to re-acquaint myself with kitchen tools that have laid dorment for some time, as well as some new modern pieces of equipment at my disposal that are sure to make my cooking experience a little more fun.

Join me!