February Newsletter 2019

February 2019

Welcome to the February Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

Where did the time go? Just yesterday we were counting down to the New Year, making resolutions, feeling all the guilt from overeating and overspending and now we are here! But there are so many reasons to love February. It is afterall the month for love – a time for Valentine’s Day and remembering love – emphasizing the importance of love in our lives. We also love cooking with sous vide, and have some great products and delicious recipes for you to enjoy this month. 😀

Libby Prentice

In this issue:

  • PolyScience 300 Series – Bringing Professional Vacuum-sealing to the Home Kitchen
  • Produce Highlight – Cumquats Are in Season
  • In the Kitchen – Salmon Tartare with Sous Vide Cumquats

Polyscience 300 Series

Bringing Professional Vacuum-sealing to the Home Kitchen

Built with the home chef in mind, the Polyscience 300 Series chamber vacuum sealer aims to bring professional-level sous vide to the kitchen, for a fraction of the price.

The 300 Series is a chamber sealer, meaning it draws air from the outside of the bag, unlike the direct sealers which do so from the side. This allows for liquids to be sealed with the food inside, so you can marinate the contents while you cook it – without losing any moisture!

The control panel is simple and intuitive, operating at the simple push of a button. Three preset buttons can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum hold times and seal times for meats, fish and even infusions. The built-in marinate cycle broadens your abilities even further.

The sturdy, space-saving stainless steel construction of the 300 Series ensures durability even under the harshest conditions, and leaves a small footprint on the bench top compared to most other chamber sealers.

Ideal for the home or small business, the Polyscience 300 Series chamber vacuum sealer is the obvious choice if you are looking to get serious with your sous vide experience.

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close-ups of kumquats fruits in basket

Produce Highlight

Cumquats are in Season

Cumquats, a citrus fruit from the orange family, are a winter produce usually available from July to October. However, with our Australian climate, these little oval-like gems tend to be in shops and on trees all year round. Their bright, sweet-tart citrus flavor is stunning, irresistible, and addictive.

Always choose bright, plump cumquats, which are best stored at room temperature. They will not have much of an aroma, but their peels should look shiny and taut. They can be eaten whole – skin and all – as the peel is naturally sweet, making a tasty, balanced snack. They also make great cakes, fantastic marmalade, delicious salads, and can be preserved to make a luscious syrup or glaze.

When you are lucky enough to find these tiny fruits, you will want to enjoy them to the fullest, so choosing the right recipe is important. Let’s have a look at just one of the many ways to use cumquats in your dishes…

Above picture sourced from Sousvidetools.com

In the Kitchen

Salmon Tartare with Sous Vide Cumquats

Light and fresh, this flexible dish can be enjoyed as either a small entree or a larger main course. The cumquats in this recipe add a real zing to a lovely summer starter.

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