December Newsletter 2018


December 2018

Welcome to the December Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

We absolutely love Christmas. It is a time for family, friends, hope and laughter all wrapped up in a table of good food to share. As the holiday season draws closer, it’s important to remember this time of year can be difficult for some. To help spread the Christmas cheer why not try:
inviting someone you know is going to be on their own over for a meal
volunteering at one of the many Christmas meals run by a charity or church organisation
buying one extra toy to donate to a local Christmas Appeal
pay for a stranger’s coffee at a cafe or leave a goodie basket on someone’s doorstep.
Afterall, Christmas is not just a time to feel the love, but to share the love too!

This month we visit a cafe in the Victorian Goldfields, have a look at a Christmas produce favourite, provide a tip for the garden and of course you’ll receive a great recipe idea for Christmas.

Let’s begin!

Libby Prentice

In this issue:

Foodie Focus – Eclectic Tastes Cafe and Pantry, Ballarat

In Season – Sweet Cherries + How to make Chilli Cherry Sauce

In Store – Enjoy a cooler kitchen + Pre Christmas Offers

Christmas Recipe – Smoked Gin & Tonic

In The Garden – It’s time to plant herbs!


The third largest city in Victoria, Ballarat was once known as home to the world’s richest alluvial goldfield. It is a beautiful historic town with many great attractions and stories to tell. A few years ago my family stumbled across a gorgeous little cafe hidden one block from Lake Wendouree.

The first thing you notice is that it is in an unusual shaped building which once operated as a corner store/post office. Step inside and it feels like an old house with the space being divided between the entry and its bedrooms. You are greeted with an array of regional produce, and some from a little further afield, that will tempt you again before you leave. When seated white tablecloths add a rare pleasure to the experience that you don’t see these days in cafe style venues. Of course the table cloths are topped with paper and each table is equipped with crayons to keep the family amused… not just the little ones. Hangman is one of our favourites!

Now going out for breakfast is one of my family’s delights. I happen to be a sucker for a good eggs benedict but often find there is too much bread. On this visit I was really pleasantly surprised to see the Eclectic Benny on the menu that swapped out the toast for a really yummy handmade hash brown. To top it off there was a generous, but not excessive, amount of freshly made hollandaise.

The balance of the menu means that there is something for everyone. Freshness is obviously a priority here as the chefs have their own modest veggie and herb patch out the back from which to source those finishing touches.

It is a buzzing little place that is obviously known by the locals. It goes without saying that it serves great coffee.

So if you want to step inside an old corner store that is out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the main street, take a detour to Eclectic Tastes Cafe & Pantry.

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How to make Chilli Cherry Sauce

Cherries are one of those really delicious fruits that we associate with the festive season. What you may not know is that there are up to 80 varieties of cherry grown in Australia each year. According to Cherry Growers Australia, each variety has a different sweetness and fleshy texture. So a cherry is more than just a cherry!

The cherry season only lasts 100 days, so don’t put off for tomorrow what you could be enjoying today. You could even try this easy chilli cherry recipe to add a special home made accompaniment to your Christmas feast.

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Does your kitchen become a furnace when you turn on the oven and hotplates to cook a meal?

Modern cooking brings smarter, cooler techniques to your kitchen. Sous Vide and Cold Smoking are both ways that we can gently and respectfully cook our meals and add subtle flavours of difference without breaking the thermostat. This month we present three of our most exciting modern cooking products and their pre-Christmas offers.

Oliso SmartHub

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Smoking Gun Pro Pack

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When you sit down at the end of Christmas Day, you may like to take a time of reflection with a quiet refreshing drink. This recipe is a twist on the classic gin and tonic, using smoked ice cubes to add an extra layer of delicious complexity.

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Fresh herbs bring so much joy and there are some herbs that thrive in the sun. It is time to plant your Basil, Oregano and Cilantro. Basil is also the perfect companion for the tomatoes you planted last month.