August Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the August Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

Spring is nearly upon us, and with it comes warmer weather! You’ll start to see some changes on the market shelves as winter foods start to move out. Fresh fish makes a big return to our plates and there are plenty of complimentary veggies in season too.

That being said, just about anything goes in Spring. We want to hold on to the delicious pies and warm, hearty dishes from Winter, but increasingly warm weather will sway us towards the fresher salads and Summer foods. Nonetheless, it’s always good to see what’s in season and what’s fresh!

And don’t forget, Father’s day is just around the corner on 1st of September. There’s no grace period this time. September starts with a Sunday, so don’t leave it too late to purchase a nice gift.

In this issue:

  • Oliso PRO™ Smart Vacuum Sealer with Carry Case – affordable, easy, compact vacuum sealing. Great for camping!
  • Produce Highlight – Fish of the Day: What’s in Season?
  • In the Kitchen – Sous Vide Atlantic Salmon

Oliso PRO™ Smart Vacuum Sealer with Carry Case

Affordable vacuum sealing, on the road.

One of the biggest concerns before embarking on a camping trip is food. It can be quite cumbersome to carry around all those tupperware containers and coolers, while still keeping everything fresh and not squished between luggage.

Vacuum sealing the food not only keeps food fresh and away from the elements, but it also keeps it compact and in one place. There’s no need for specific sizes of containers for each ingredient – a vacuum bag will remove air from around it and save space. You can now go on multi-day bike trips or long hikes with minimal luggage weighing you down.

The Oliso PRO™ with carry case was designed specifically with versatility in mind. Complete with a 12-volt adapter, the sealer can be brought with you and used by simply plugging it into you car or caravan – no generator required! It’s perfect for preserving leftover ingredients, or keeping freshly-caught fish fresh.

But the Oliso PRO™ is not just for the great outdoors – its versatility and space-saving design makes it perfect for the kitchen. With such a small footprint, it can easily fit in any cupboard or drawer, which is a rarity for other domestic vacuum sealers on the market. Another fantastic feature of the Oliso vacuum sealers is its unique vacuum method – instead of sealing an entire side of the bag, it only draws air from and seals a small hole in the bag, which allows for multiple uses per bag – up to 12 times for the large bags – and sealing of liquids and sauces.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might consider this great little vacuum sealer as a gift, for both the dads who like to cook at home, and the dads who love a good camping adventure.

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Produce Highlight

Produce Highlight

Fish of the Day: What’s in Season?

For us humans, fish is the healthiest meat to eat. It contains a high protein-to-calorie ratio, and many species contain vitamin-rich oils that keep us healthy. One 150g portion of an “oily” fish, such as salmon, will make up 50 – 60% of our recommended daily intake of essential oils and vitamins.

However, fish shouldn’t be consumed too often. With seven billion of us on the planet, there just aren’t enough fish in the sea to sustain a regular fish intake. That being said, if kept to just one or two seafood meals a week, we can all enjoy a cutlet of our favourite fish without worry.

With spring just around the corner, the time to try out some new fish recipes has never been better. There are tens of thousands of fish species, but there are only a handful of ones that we regularly eat. Here are a few that you will find in plentiful supply this season:

Atlantic Salmon – especially from October

  • Mackerel
  • Coral Trout
  • Ocean Jacket
  • Whiting – especially in Australia
  • …and many more!

Fish can be separated into two categories – “oily” and “white”. White fish, such as cod or whiting, are often lean and contain less than 1% fat, and are commonly fried (think fish & chips), grilled, or used in broths or soups. Oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, contain around 20% fats and oils, which means they hold higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. Oily fish are best eaten smoked, cured or pan-fried – but they are fantastic when cooked sous vide. And we have the perfect recipe for you…

In the Kitchen

Sous Vide Atlantic Salmon

Fish is one of the best foods you can cook sous vide. The flesh of fish is delicate and easy to overcook with traditional techniques, but cooking sous vide ensures that your fish remains moist, flavourful and vibrant. This simple recipe proves just how easy it is to prepare some of the best salmon you will ever eat, using the sous vide technique. A staple for many Spring dishes, salmon is always a delicious centrepiece to a hearty meal. Just make sure to prepare some veggies, chips or other sides to go along with your fish cutlet to make the perfect Spring seafood dinner.

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