August Newsletter 2018

August 2018

Welcome to the August Newsletter from the team at Home Sous Vide.

This month we’d like to highlight how important it is to be visually pleasing with the food we serve. We don’t just eat with our taste buds. The age-old expression “eat with your eyes” is certainly true because when a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetising.

Just like we use tools to help beautify our gardens or brushes for painting the perfect picture, we want to introduce you to some kitchen utensils that really help lift food presentation, which will help you save a bit more time in preparation for the perfect dinner party, plus you’ll never have to worry about re-plating a dish ever again.

To finish off we have a beautiful recipe to inspire you and then leave you with a tip to apply to all of your cooking adventures.

In this issue:

  • Eating with our Eyes – Taking your food presentation to the next level
  • Perfect Plating – Tools for the food artist
  • Recipe of the month – Soft-cured salmon with the perfect compliment of garnish
  • Tip of the Month – Odd vs Even



Tips to make your food look even better

When you go to your local cafe or restaurant, you are likely to spend some time perusing the menu hoping to find something that will meet your satiable needs. Sometimes it’s a menu favourite, other times you’re intrigued to try something new, and occasionally it comes down to just one enticing ingredient that will jump off the menu that helps you decide on your order.

But what happens when you really don’t see anything that you are particularly drawn to? More often than not you start looking around at the dishes being brought to other tables. How often have you seen a waiter or waitress go past with a meal that is instantly appealing?

Our first impression of a dish begins the eating journey. So here are a few simple tips to help raise your food presentation to the next level…



Tools for the fancy food artist

Ever wondered how the top chefs manage to achieve perfect plate symmetry? They equip themselves with the right tools!

It is important with delicate garnishes not to bruise or tear them which is difficult to avoid if they are sticking to your fingers. Plating dainty garnishes like micro herbs and flowers is fiddly work, sauces can have a mind of their own and sometimes the food on the dish can be just too hot to handle.

At Home Sous Vide we have the Clifton range of quality stainless steel tongs, tweezers and double ended spoons to help you drizzle, place, sprinkle and re-arrange when plating.

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Soft-cured salmon with the perfect garnish

It is very rare these days to go out for lunch or dinner at your favourite restaurant and not have some kind of micro herb, flower or dehydrated fruit or vegetable adorning your plate.

These often dainty additions, when chosen well, add colour visually but are also petite parcels of flavour that can truly compliment and enhance a meal. And the garnish on this soft-cured salmon recipe really enhances the presentation and flavours on all levels…

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Odd numbers are visually more appealing.
Whether you are serving spring rolls or piping puree droplets on the plate, use 1, 3 or 5, not 2, 4 and 6.