198A5132Home Sous Vide is about your home food experience, from start to finish. Restaurant standard fare can be achieved in your home and the new wave of sous vide is one reason why this is now possible.  Sous vide looks at food in an entirely different light.  It is a gentle technique that respects the ingredients  and consequently achieves truly amazing and delicious food.   But it is not only techniques such as sous vide that are important.  Helpful kitchen tools and sometimes some of those rare to find ingredients are often the key to inspired home cooking.

Occasionally we decide to treat ourselves to a meal without the kids … have a little “US” time.   We love our food and really enjoy the different  experiences we have each time we go.  Whilst we have had some random unpleasant encounters, it is not unusual for us to be amazed by the standard of meal served by sandwich bars, cafés, pubs and restaurants these days. 

The succulent brisket filled roll, those amazingly creamy scrambled eggs, the perfect tender steak or that moist chicken breast … yes moist chicken breast …   Do we really accept these scrumptious delicacies are only for special occasions?  Why can’t that standard of cuisine be achieved at home.  The answer of course is that it absolutely can be achieved at home.   

Home Sous Vide aims to provide a range of products that will enhance the preparation and presentation of your food, rediscovering the joy of a home cooked meal.